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Modern Day Rippers "Doing Th..
Third release of hyper-charged pogo-punk from the Chicago band who have spent 3 years touring nationally with The Adicts, The Vibrators and The Cute Lepers. For fans of Angry Samoans, U.S. Bombs, The Briefs. Street date Septemeber 1st, 2017.
Hip Priests "Those Fuckin' B..
Ten years that we have dealt with those wankers in The Hip Priests. Our buddies at Self Destructo Records and Ghost Highway Records put together all of those annoying limited edition singles, and put 'em on one compilation. One CD or Two LPs, and you get all the limited awesomeness. On the other hand,...
Brainerd "Dog Eat Dog" 7"
Madison, Wisconsin has one rock band that has been leaving crowds stunned for years, and that is Brainerd. Being stunned by virtuoso playing, blending rock n roll, glam, punk, and metal together, and even sometimes doing it well, just shows that Brainerd has existed for ages, and people still know exactly...
Copstabber "Pulled Pork" LP
Pulled Pork, the third album from Copstabber on Self Destructo Records, somehow manages to raise the bar even higher than their previous releases. Featuring catchy tunes like "Fuck School, Stay in Drugs", "Living to Die" and "I Love Being a Scumbag" - the Copsabber guys go for the throat on this release....
Razorbats "This High" Cassette
New material from Oslo's almighty RAZORBATS!!! Check out their continuation of reminding you of the great history of rock n roll, with three new tracks, all of which will remind you of the greatest part of the 70s and 80s... and I'm not talking about Maggie Thatcher or Reaganomics. Limited to 150 made,...
Lucifer Star Machine "Your L..
A new scorching single from St. Pauli sailors, Lucifer Star Machine! B side a Youth Brigade cover! Formed in London in 2002, Lucifer Star Machine quickly and has continually made their mark with releases and as a live incitement. 2004 saw the release of debut single Death Baby , a roar produced by Rat...
The Sorority "It's All Behin..
Typically when bands progress past their booking demo stage, we find the music becoming more refined, more thought out, and well... better. Though The Sorority have indeed gone through the motions of spending more than three days to write and record an album, somehow we are left with a record displaying...
Razorbats "Camp Rock"
Oslo, Norway s Hard Rocking Razorbats return with their new anthem Kids of the 70 s . Evoking Alice Cooper, Van Halen, KISS & Cheap Trick, making this truly a track for Kids of the 70 s in reality & spirit. This is Turbo Rock, but the Razorbats have really made it their own & we love their previous Self...
You Know Who "You Know Who" LP
On October 13th, Self Destructo Records will release the debut album by You Know Who on five hundred pieces of all white vinyl that are packaged in hand numbered silk screened covers with design and illustration created by graphic artist Casey Howard. Recorded and mixed at Dead End Studios in Palm Desert,...
Against The Grain "Road Warr..
The grease and sleaze from the road has made this into the perfect Against The Grain record. Rocking, drudgy, anthemic. It's just pretty damned epic. Limited Pre Order contains trucker cap and patch with logo! Street date July 28th, 2015. Expected shipping date mid to late July 2015.
The Supermen "Back With A Ga..
The Supermen , a St. Louis band who mixes superhero capes with sleaze-rock and a party viking attitude. The Supermen are a band to be experienced, with singer Gaius Julius Sensei Almighty belting out lyrics, The Quintessential Brunette Beefcake on guitar, bassist The Bull of The Ball, The Prom King Maximus...
Peter Pan Speedrock "Buckle ..
For the first time in a decade, The Netherland s prevalent group of balls out/motherfuckering rock n roll, Peter Pan Speedrock, will finally service their fan base in North America with their latest offering entitled Buckle Up And Shove It to be released on limited vinyl LP and CD through Self Destructo...
Antique Scream "Two Bad Dude..
"Two Bad Dudes is the full length that 2011's "The Chronicles of Dirty Dick expands upon. This release is designed to be listened to as a five part epic storyline, following the distorted adventures throughout an imaginary landscape of film noire vixens, along with the Burroughs and Leary influenced...
Cuchillo 'Cuchillo' 7"
Angry, fast, loud and sharp. This is Cuchillo's debut. 13 songs in less than 15 minutes. How it should be. Rata on guitar, Filb Ness on bass, Lalo on drums and Pedro Snake on vocals deliberately stab you in the back while delivering a hit and run masterpiece of abrasive, in your face, unsweetened Mexican...
Revolving Beast/ TJ Kokomo -..
What happens when you pair two bands together on a split recording with one band consisting of three talented, road tested and battle geared dudes from Jacksonville, NC that thrive on a diet of King Crimson and chromatic scale based riffs and the other with four drunken Norwegian amateur musicians that...
The Hip Priests 'Black Denim..
Four scumbags preaching the joys of drinkin , druggin and fuckin , the Priests were instantly snapped up by Sweden s Bootleg Booze Records and released their astounding first album Tight n Exciting to rabid excitement and critical acclaim. Their explosive arrival on the scene resulted in a quick succession...
TYTUS 'White Lines' 7"
Gonzales are dead, long live Tytus! Italian punknroll five piece from hell, Gonzales, in the last years had been making a name for themselves in the international underground scene, touring extensively through Italy and Germany, producing two full lengths, an EP and a bunch of singles that moved from...
The Meatmen 'Savage Sagas' C..
Many thanks to our loyal legions of Meatheads for 35 years of unflagging devotion to our brand of mayhem. At long last, we proudly present for your listening enjoyment, our brand new record... "Savage Sagas." DROPPING MAY 2014 Street date May 27. 2014.
Self Destructo Records T
Yep. The one thing missing from the below video is these sexy black shirts with white print. I know you don't have too many black shirts with white print already... Guy's T has large logo front, and small logo left sleeve. Girl's T has small logo front, large logo back. New sizes available in blue p...
Jonny Manak & The Depressive..
The all new record from TJ San Jose and TJ Oakland boys, Jonny Manak & The Depressives is long worth the wait! No more random weird photos of male models... No more bizarre references to things you have no idea that ever existed... oh... wait... This record is still full of 'em! Timeless garage rock...