Revolving Beast/ TJ Kokomo - SDR "Spilt" Series 1
Revolving Beast/ TJ Kokomo - SDR "Spilt" Series 1
Revolving Beast/ TJ Kokomo - SDR "Spilt" Series 1
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What happens when you pair two bands together on a split recording with one band
consisting of three talented, road tested and battle geared dudes from Jacksonville, NC that
thrive on a diet of King Crimson and chromatic scale based riffs and the other with four
drunken Norwegian amateur “musicians” that don tropical shirts and have actually taken
their act to three different countries?
The end result is a split LP that leaves the listener perplexed, astonished (hopefully) and with a reinforced feeling of “I get it but at the same time
I don’t and that’s okay!”
Self Destructo Records is proud to be a part of this experiment we’ve undertaken were we have two artists from two different parts of the world
pair up and do a release. It doesn’t have to be similar musically at all! Our first subjects for this test are Revolving Beast from the eastern
seaboard state of North Carolina here in the United States and Turbojugend Kokomo from the cold Scandinavian capital city of Oslo, Norway.

Revolving Beast
Revolving Beast is a power trio from North Carolina who feature local musicians (Benjamin Powell – guitar and vocals, Kenneth Ells – bass
and Storm Castaneda – drums) rip through extended sets of material that showcase their natural talents and their tenacity to move cohesively as a
unit together through thundering drums, jazz like bass grooves and crisp, clear guitar tone that feels like the space/time continuum is in flux and
surgery is being conducted on your sense. That’s actually the point of the band and their sound, to have the listener explore beyond what a metal
band’s capabilities are. Benjamin is also known as Eidan Thorr in his other band, worldwide travelers Valient Thorr where he acts as ½ of the
twin guitar attack with his counterpart Sadat Thorr. He explores different musical structures with Ken and Storm when he’s not out conquering
the world with Valient and crew. Ben has this to say about this new venture with his longtime brothers in arms:
“I wanted a vehicle to play with some different ideas musically and when I started singing more in VT, I realized how much fun it was and
wanted to do it more. It also gave me a reason to play with Storm and Kenny, both of them have cool ideas and are great players.”
When asked about this venture taking away time from his other gigs.
“Valient Thorr survives because of drive and dedication. Revolving Beast will receive no less than that, when it comes to music I have a very
healthy work ethic.”
Revolving Beast has already been in the course of playing live around various parts of the eastern US with appearances already with Brief Lives
and Detroit’s own Against The Grain with a next appearance in Atlanta at The Star Bar on September 5th
Turbojugend Kokomo
Turbojugend Kokomo never thought in their life they would have a record released of their material by someone other than themselves, never!
Their origins begin during a night in 2007 at the infamous Pamparius Pizza where copious amounts of drinking and pizza intake occurred
between the five members, when He Man (Turbojugend Oslo member) mentioned to Party Cowboy (Turbojugend Oslo President) that they
should start a band. The members intoxicated and ecstatic about the idea decided to give it a go and thus TJ Kokomo was birthed and is named
after of course, the Beach Boys song to which all members are great fans of.
With only a handful of self pressed CD’s to their name and an appearance on the Turbonegro tribute record: Omega Motherfuckers (to which
they do a soothing, out of key rendition of Le Saboteur.)
The band consists of five members who are all from the mother chapter of the Turbojugend: Turbojugend Oslo. Party Cowboy, Tanked Mongo,
Twin Turbo, Turbo Truls and Peke PresHenning. They’ve garnished acclaim by playing to other members within the Turbojugend and anyone
whose eardrums was been caught in their “musical” crossfire. Turbojugend Kokomo has performed in their hometown of Oslo Norway for
various events including the annual Oslo Bloodbath event, a show with Swedish punks The Accidents (to where they rode out on stage on giant
bananas and lost them in the same night, never to be seen again!) in Karlstad, Sweden and also to denim clad worldwide audiences at the massive
Welt Turbojugend Tage event that takes place each year in Hamburg, Germany.
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