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Old News
+1 November 2014+

Yep... Halloween is over.  And we all know that the sexiest of holidays (despite the usurping of a certain major religion) is almost upon us... XXXMAS14 is the coupon code to help you out over this holiday!  All T shirts, CD's, and records are 15% off!
♫ 6 October 2014 ♫

So... I suppose that some people do occasionally check out the News page here... Sorry for no updates in ages!

As I am sure everyone knows, sometimes no news is good news... We've been hectic around the office with all the new designs for shirts and the new Dirty Dudes hoodie!  We are happy to welcome CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT and THE KOFFIN KATS to our distro family, along with the obvious summer additions of legendary THE MEATMEN, BOY, and a load of 7" vinyl from STRANGE MAGIC RECORDS!!!  SELF DESTRUCTO RECORDS also has the new HIP PRIESTS, and a VALIENT THORR side project coming up, and CUCHILLO (Guadalajara, Mexico amazing old school h/c punk!) 7" coming up... along with the OMEGA MOTHERFUCKERS 2X12" and ANTIQUE SCREAM!
With winter coming up quick, we are looking to have all kutte orders before the beginning of November out by mid November for those holiday gifts.  Any orders for the Deathpunk or Naked Mode Jackets, along with any shirts, hoodies, or records, will go out within 48 hours of ordering, as always.
Thanks for taking a peek at the little blog/ news/ rant section!
Chuck Destruction

☼ 14 March 2013 ☼

Hey everyone!

Obviously, the distro is moving on along, and some of you haven't had the opportunity to soak in the idea yet, but WE CARRY SOME AWESOME STUFF!  HELP YOUR TJ BROTHERS AND SISTERS OUT!

I'll be on vacation (visiting my family, and actually spending time with my personal family, instead of all you denim clad demons), so don't expect much to happen while I'm gone.  I'm sorry that so many of you are waiting on stuff, but I can't do much without the denim being here, and it's been over a year since I've seen my mother, and even longer for her side of the family.

I'll be back in less than two weeks, so keep your pants on.  Or don't!

- 8 February 2013 - 

So... Skrill is taking time.  But we launched the new distro side!  Check out the affiliated bands section!  Rad to get it all started!  We're also working on some newer rad stuff starting up Monday, 12 Feb!  
♠16 January 2013♠

Ok, we are working with Skrill/ Moneybookers also... Getting that solid for all of you who have had a difficult time with Authorize.net.  

New shirts are in the works!  Keep your eyes peeled to the store!  

Also, we are going to start the full move on distributing some more of your favorite stuff... Hip Priests talks have gone great, along with a handfull of other awesome bands!  We may move it over to a different shop in the future, but for right now, you'll be able to stock up on your favorite Turbojugend related bands while you pick up your kutte and other goodies!

Otherwise, rest assured that we back at the home office are working our asses off to get this year's surprises up and in your face... Best get ready for awesometown!

Chuck Destruction

♣4 December 2012♣

Ok guys, Cato and I discussed how Paypal is a pain in the ass.  So, as of tomorrow, we are offering Authorize.net.  You must pay for things in US dollars, and your bank must be located in the USA, but it will process any credit card payment, as long as you have the currency set to USD.  

So... Order ahoy!

♦25 November 2012♦

Hey everyone!  

So, all the Summer shirts and the WorldWild ones are all on sale for 15%  off!  We've set it up for you to start accounts with us, so that all you regulars can leave all your shipping info with us, and save yourself some time!

We are setting up a proper credit card processing section soon.  That means that it'll still be secure, but give everyone the option of not using Paypal.  Which is just easier on everyone involved, let's be honest.

Apparently the UK dates were amazing, I'm still waiting to hear back from everyone myself, and am looking forward to see what photos hit FB and the forum! (www.boardtodeathpunk.com, for any of you who aren't in the know...)

Should have another shipment of kutten in this week, get 'em finished off and out, and then we just placed an order for the first shipment of 2013, so we're looking ahead! 

Rock n roll it!
Chuck Destruction

♥6 November 2012♥

Hey Jugendliche-

We (as in the three of us that run the mail order: Pandaemon, Madame Fury, and myself) just got home from Austin, Texas, for FunFunFun Fest 2012.  It was crazy and a blast, and yes, I think many of you are bummed that we didn't supply more of the uber limited edition Darkness Ahoy shirts in gold.  If you got it, there was only 50 made, so rock that shit.

Got a chance to talk to The Heathen in TJLA and Volcom Records more about what the upcoming Distro idea has planned, and I'm not going to spill the beans, but expect it to be BAD MUTHAFUCKING ASS!

I'm writing this, and I should be headed into the embro shop, but I wanted to share the news.  I'm on my way to the embro shop, back to the office to pack all the weekend's finished kutten, then back to the post office.  

So... Expect some shipped emails soon!

Rock n roll!
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