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TJ Schlemmereck T
In cooperation with the WTJT Shop, we offer a shirt about the place in the Turboverse, everyone wants to be, the world-renowned Schlemmereck. The shirts are available in the shop for preorder and only for a limited time. On January 7, we will end the presale and will start sending out the shirts shortly...
Electric Frankenstein 'Bride..
Yep, now you too can show everyone that you love another of the classic saviours of rock n roll. EF has been a New England, and then more and more of the US, then the world, with their special renovation on punk rock meets rock n roll.
Self Destructo Records T
Yep. The one thing missing from the below video is these sexy black shirts with white print. I know you don't have too many black shirts with white print already... Guy's T has large logo front, and small logo left sleeve. Girl's T has small logo front, large logo back. New sizes available in blue p...