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Due to the new record, we wanted to offer something so different from normal, that we decided to do a DENIM JACKET!!!!... Oh. Crap. Forgot where we were. Yep, stone washed jacket. Killer new logo. Black embroidery instead of the normal white. So you can tell everyone that you like Van Halen's 1984......
Turbonegro Denim Jeans
After four long years of perfecting the Deathpunk kutte, we now present to you... (drumroll?) Tight Jeans and Loose Leash denim jeans!!! Both are made of the same resilient cotton denim as the kutte is, with the Tight Jeans fitting similar to a Levi's 511 and the Loose Leash fitting like a Levi's 501....
Naked Mode Denim Jacket
So... You need something that still expresses your love of Turbonegro, but really just want it in the details, huh? Here you go. Black stretch denim, cut the same as your filthy kutte, but no embroidery. Just darkness, with little copper 'cap' buttons. Get your darkness on! THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED....
Turbonegro 'Deathpunk' Jacket
Commitment issues? If you love Turbonegro and lust after the proper denim jacket with which to show your undying devotion to the band, here you go. No chapter to join or start, nothing to prove to anyone. Cough up the cash and this beauty is yours! Complete with TURBONEGRO embroidered across your back,...
Deathpunk-Mode Turbojugend K..
PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING. The steps necessary to order: 1. Contact your local chapter President. 2. Apply for membership on WWW.TURBOJUGEND.ORG 3. When (and if) accepted, place your order. 4. Place warrior and chapter information in the Additional Information section. 5. Wait patiently for your...