Hey Jugendliche...

So, we'll be putting new stuff out every 4 - 6 months, and discontinuing the old stuff.  'You want it... You get it (now)... if you got the guts...'

So, the point is, we'll be offering you new Turbonegro approved Turbojugend merchandise.  Which includes the brand spankin' new 'Deathpunk Mode' kutte.  It's still a slim fit euro style, but now it's a solid super dark denim, with a couple extra inner pockets, and made damned sure that each and every order is an authentic chapter member before it ships.  

So... Rest assured, no one will be wearing your chapter's kutte without you being aware.  

Rock n roll it, 
Chuck Destruction

PS.  We don't offer refunds, we don't take returns, and unless you have a good reason, don't even try.  I don't care if you ordered a chapter you weren't a part of without reading this.  That's you not understanding what the Turbojugend is, and frankly, I don't care.

PPS.  Don't think of stealing any designs from this.  They are all Copyright to MOONSHINE.

PPPS.  All orders will be processed as quickly as possible, within consideration of stock available.  You should be able to expect everything shipped within a week.  Except your kutten.  Those take a while.  Expect them to ship within 8 - 12 weeks of ordering.