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Turbonegro "Apocalypse Dudes..
It's been twenty years. 'Bout time we put out this classic record design on hoodies. Back design is the infamous snake in gold. Front of pullover is Turbonegro large in the AD font. Front of zip is Turbonegro on the left, and Apocalypse Dudes on the right. Both styles in gold. This item will not be shipping...
Due to the new record, we wanted to offer something so different from normal, that we decided to do a DENIM JACKET!!!!... Oh. Crap. Forgot where we were. Yep, stone washed jacket. Killer new logo. Black embroidery instead of the normal white. So you can tell everyone that you like Van Halen's 1984......
Yep. Like it or not, Turbonegro has a new LP out. You know, as well as I do, that you'll feel like a giant turd for not having it in your collection, especially a decade from now. Grab an advance copy of it! This will be shipping for an expected arrival on the release date of March 2, 2018, almost twenty...
Turbonegro "Toujours"
Super clean Turbonegro T that anyone who has seen them recently has seen around the merch booth. It's about time that you grab it up, in case you don't catch 'em soon! Second printing on light grey T. Available mid June 2018.
Turbonegro "Hot For Nietzsch..
Yes sailors, this is the only physical release for the two new tracks! Hot For Nietzsche and Special Education, one on each side of a white cassette tape! Let us all ignore that we do not have a cassette player. I know, I know. But hell, look how records have destroyed the music business.... Tapes could...
Turbonegro Denim Jeans
After four long years of perfecting the Deathpunk kutte, we now present to you... (drumroll?) Tight Jeans and Loose Leash denim jeans!!! Both are made of the same resilient cotton denim as the kutte is, with the Tight Jeans fitting similar to a Levi's 511 and the Loose Leash fitting like a Levi's 501....
Turbonegro "Norwegian Band"
I know, I know. It's about time we do our spin on the classic Turbonegro Cap shirt. This is it! Depending on how this all goes... We may just do every country, instead of just Norway... HEHeHEHEHEHEHEH... Let us know if you would like that, or if you would want this in different colors. You know we take...
Turbonegro 'Dog Face' Hooded..
Chris Shary designed this one... You may be familiar with Chris' work through Descendents... Yeah, it's that Chris Shary. Knocked it out of the park, eh??? Available in T shirt format for a limited time through: AT BIFOCAL! CLICK ME! Zip up has Dog on back, with Sexual Harassment logo up front. Pullover...
$50.00 $42.50
Turbonegro "Dirty Dudes" T
We have been asked over and over to redo the old design of this, so here is our rendition. Keeping with adjusting all old designs to update them to our newer clever sensibilities, we have updated this to involve our effete tastes upon dining. Just remember: Dirty Dudes Don't Dine Cheap. Third printing...
Turbonegro "Cap" Ring
If any of you have not met the epic Erik Sandquist, hailing from Gothenburg, but now in Copenhagen, you are missing out. This wonderful gentleman is an amazing artist, jeweler, and sculptor. He offered doing these for us at WTJT '14, and really just wants them into your hands. On your PINKY to be precise....
Turbonegro 'Sailor Skull' T
This little Sketchy Tank design is just simple and rad. Super rad actually. We will be trying this in a load of different colors over the next couple months, so keep your eyes out! Next pressing shipping by mid June 2018.
Turbonegro Socks
EEKOE is a company that spawned forth from a load of misfits and ne'erdowells, and they wanted their launch to be Turbonegro. I think it fits well. 100% bamboo fiber, anti fungal, superawesome limited edition. 100 pairs of navy, 666 pairs of black available. Sized in US shoe sizes.\ Size Small: up to...
TJ VS Racism Patch
Basically, yeah. No comment is really necessary in explaining that overall, racism is a bygone institution. On the other hand, all of us still deal with a load of bad mongos who think that it's something to support. Screw them.
Turbonegro 'Vision' T Shirt
This design was done in 2009 for a couple California shows, but we are bringing it back into play for everyone to enjoy! Red/ white/ black fourth printing shipping mid June 2018 100% cotton Tultex/ Contraband T. Multi color front, white back print
Scandinavian Leather Custom ..
Almost everyone is jealous of Laure Elliot's Scandi Leather ring. We've all seen it. We know it rules. Seventh Circle Artworks is happy to present that same ring, in pure sterling silver, with a very small cap etched underneath, and with your warrior name etched along the inside. These are shipped directly...
$325.00 $300.00
Naked Mode Denim Jacket
So... You need something that still expresses your love of Turbonegro, but really just want it in the details, huh? Here you go. Black stretch denim, cut the same as your filthy kutte, but no embroidery. Just darkness, with little copper 'cap' buttons. Get your darkness on! THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED....
Turbonegro 'German Shepherd ..
This design has been the most over done and continuously bootlegged shirts Turbonegro has ever done. So we changed it a little, and now make it official again, dammit. Crimson print June 2018 Sexy drooling german shepherd in crimson print on white t or hot hot pink on a black t. SEXY.
Turbonegro 'Deathpunk' Jacket
Commitment issues? If you love Turbonegro and lust after the proper denim jacket with which to show your undying devotion to the band, here you go. No chapter to join or start, nothing to prove to anyone. Cough up the cash and this beauty is yours! Complete with TURBONEGRO embroidered across your back,...
Turbonegro - 2013 Tour
Yep. Jack Gregory did wonders with the Vans/ Volcom 7 inch cover... So we shirted it on up! For a limited time, available with the 'Live at The House of Vans' 7 inch vinyl as a bonus! No back print. 100% cotton black Gildan T shirt
Turbonegro 'Navy Anchor' T s..
Just off the US tour, and right before that, Tony hits me up with this rad new design. Currently we'll be doing this with a super rad Navy T, and white print. Ready to sail out in style! Navy Gilden. Blue Rope/ Anchor centered and large! TURBONEGRO block print in blue on back. Third printing ships as...
Deathpunk-Mode Turbojugend K..
PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING. The steps necessary to order: 1. Contact your local chapter President. 2. Apply for membership on WWW.TURBOJUGEND.ORG 3. When (and if) accepted, place your order. 4. Place warrior and chapter information in the Additional Information section. 5. Wait patiently for your...