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Death punk jacket 5 product stars
"It took a lil longer to get in. 6 months to be exact. But don t let that be the judgment of buying this solid piece of denim. Quality is the main key here and for someone telling the turbonegro as a stand-alone Unit in Alabama this is a mos def need. I have rarely taken it off. First night I got it It was soaked in whiskey and beer and even got me laid. Must have for any solo sailor." Gnar Gnar - 2/6/2018
Amazing 5 product stars
"So thrilled to have this beauty! Due to my lack of a turbojugend in the area and my inability to start a chapter, this was absolutely perfect. So sick" Bruce - 1/3/2016
Size 5 product stars
"Do I have to buy the same size like any other shirts? I mean m=m or m=s?" Woody - 11/19/2015
Superb Jacket 5 product stars
"Wear it everyday since it arrived. Everything is embroidered to the highest quality and the little details like the sexual buttons are fantastic. Would recommend to any "Nomad" Turbojugend out there!!!" Scott - 11/14/2015
Embroidery questions 5 product stars
"These are all embroidered, and not silk screened or discharge printed." Chuck Destruction - 10/26/2014
embroidered or printed? 5 product stars
"my question is, this jacket is embroidered or printed? Thank you!" Alex Plosivo - 10/26/2014

Turbonegro 'Deathpunk' Jacket


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Commitment issues? If you love Turbonegro and lust after the proper denim jacket with which to show your undying devotion to the band, here you go. No chapter to join or start, nothing to prove to anyone. Cough up the cash and this beauty is yours!

Complete with TURBONEGRO embroidered across your back, leather cap, DEATHPUNK riding just above your ass, and the Sexual Harassment font 'TURBONEGRO' embroidered up front!  All put together on a dark blue (slightly lighter than the kutte) slim fit denim jacket!


$120.00 inc. tax

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