The Sorority "It's All Behind Us Now" 10" - PRE ORDER
The Sorority "It's All Behind Us Now" 10" - PRE ORDER
The Sorority "It's All Behind Us Now" 10" - PRE ORDER
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Typically when bands progress past their booking demo stage, we find the music becoming more refined, more
thought out, and well... better. Though The Sorority have indeed gone through the motions of spending more than
three days to write and record an album, somehow we are left with a record displaying a band intellectually and
professionally regressing: more noise, more feedback, intentionally less pleasing to the ear.

As you let the distorted wall of "It's All Behind Us Now" wash over you the way one might bathe in a Bombay storm
drain, you can almost feel the proverbial knuckles dragging on the ground, as what seemed to be perfectly solid rock
songs take systematic kicks to the groin for reasons that must only entertain the band themselves.

What if Motorhead were really into Drive Like Jehu? What if Slayer were really into Unsane? And what if The Sorority
spent less time threatening to break up and spent more time working on those more refined, better rock songs?

If you're still reading this, you will be interested to know that 2016 will find them adhering to their brow-furrowing
trajectory of consistently tapering off (no small feat considering the pace at which they started).

" ...sounds like prime Entombed..This is one sorority Ted Bundy or Elliot Rodgers could not fuck with"
Happy Tom, Turbonegro

Shipping late April 2016. Pre order available with silk screened logo patch.

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