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TJ Pinkies 4 Life 5 product stars
"Ever since getting my TJ pinky ring, ladies hold the door open for me, men carry me across streets, and I've begun to understand the speech of narwhals and various jungle beasts. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and the effect of this ring on my life is priceless. 5 out of 5." El Gato Loco - TJ Kustom Kult - 11/6/2015

Turbonegro "Cap" Ring


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If any of you have not met the epic Erik Sandquist, hailing from Gothenburg, but now in Copenhagen, you are missing out.  This wonderful gentleman is an amazing artist, jeweler, and sculptor.  

He offered doing these for us at WTJT '14, and really just wants them into your hands.  On your PINKY to be precise.  These are intended to be the decoration that shows you really belong, all mafia and tough guy club style, all the way to reminding you to lift the pinky for that cup o' tea.  

Solid 925 silver, hand made, and pretty damn rad.  These are sent directly from Copenhagen to you.  Please contact us, should you need to contact Erik concerning these.

$110.00 inc. tax

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