Deathpunk-Mode Turbojugend Kutte
Deathpunk-Mode Turbojugend Kutte
Deathpunk-Mode Turbojugend Kutte
Deathpunk-Mode Turbojugend Kutte
Deathpunk-Mode Turbojugend Kutte
Deathpunk-Mode Turbojugend Kutte
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The steps necessary to order:

1.  Contact your local chapter President.
2.  Apply for membership on WWW.TURBOJUGEND.ORG
3.  When (and if) accepted, place your order.
4.  Place warrior and chapter information in the Additional Information section.
5.  Wait patiently for your kutte to arrive!  (Please be patient, as we ask four months for production time.)

You've joined the Turbojugend, now it's time to get your second skin on!

The new Deathpunk Mode kutte is a slim fit, super dark denim jacket, custom done up with your registered ( chapter and warrior name. Expect an attention to detail, complete with 'cap' buttons and hidden pockets!

For sizing, please try on something similar to a Levi's style jacket, and remember that these are slim fit.  Should you want something to wear that isn't firm and tight, please order one size up.

The Restitch option is available for those who do not mind minor imperfections in the denim for the warrior and/ or the chapter.  These imperfections can be noticed normally only from the inside of the jacket, but occasionally upon close inspection on the outside.  These are not pre worn options, and are only available if we feel that the imperfections will not be problematic.
(fine print:  Remember, we are also Turbojugend members producing these, and despite your excitement to get your kutte, remember that it could take up to four months to receive yours.  Keep calm, be patient, and get erection.  You will get an email, with tracking information, as soon as it ships.  Check your spam box, just in case.  Four months is not an unheard of time for you to wait for this item to be delivered.  It could be shorter, it could be longer.  WE WILL SHIP ALL OF THE SAME CHAPTER TOGETHER [as long as they are in the same city/ post code - These will ship to the earliest order address].  Please communicate with your chapter, and combine orders to save on shipping charges.)

DO NOT ORDER THIS UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY A REGISTERED MEMBER ON WWW.TURBOJUGEND.ORG!  We will consider your order a donation to the Turbojugend if you are not already an approved member in the chapter you are stating that you are a part of, and not fully approved. We do not allow any returns or refunds, and it would suck to not get the right thing when you order!). 

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15068020 Seconds
Got my first kutte about a week ago, and have hardly taken it off since! I LOVE IT! Ordered it in february and waited 15068020 seconds (174d, 9h, 33m & 40s) until i pulled it out of my mailbox. But it was worth every single painful second! Will order another one but this time i am prepared for the wait! Deathpunk Forever
Worth the wait!
After the longest six months in history my first kutte arrived. And it was just perfect! It became a second skin and I've been wearing it on almost every day since I got it. I just ordered a new one but this time I'm more prepared for the wait. Keep up the good work guys!
Hello darkness, with pockets!
I've purchased many kuttes through out the years starting in 2015 and have managed to collect one of each generation since. This latest design is by far superior to those preceding it. The denim is super dark blue, darker than ever, and a bit heavier than before. The embroidery is all very tight and clean, and the fit is great. The biggest improvement however is the addition of external hip pockets, which are so convenient and comfortable. The inside pockets are still present, although no longer large enough to hold a 6 pack, but could probably hold a couple tall boys. I tip my hat to Chuck Destruction, PanDeamon666, and everyone else involved with making this amazing denim available. If anyone is on the fence about getting a(nother) kutte I definitely recommend doing so. It's totally worth the wait (about 3 1/2 months for me) and the cost. Skäl!
This thing is magnificent! Of course, seeing as I'm the chapter idiot, I fucked up the sizing of kutte... time to do it again!
Turbo Schlange
Second Skin
I've worn this bastard every day since it came. Even if I'm not leaving the house, I'll put it on at least once. I live in this thing now, and everyone wants to fuck me all of a sudden... And only 2 and a half months wait time!
Lucifer Royale (TJ Ass City)
Erection orgasm guaranteed
Ordered XL as I thought Large would be a bit too small. I think I'm kinda between two sizes but as long as I'm between two sailor men I don't care. Prob gonna order a Large anyway as my summer kutte n keep the XL as a winter one to wear over hoodies. Keep that train of flesh rollin' hobbit mother fuckers
Senor Mush
Fits perfectly! And it came SO fast I cant even believe it. Thank you!!
Quicker than i thought would come, great fit, graciass
barbero del culo -austin
I got erection!
My kutte arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Only two months after placing my order! Rad! Looks great. My only complaint is the slim fit. I definitely shoulda ordered a size bigger to fit my beer drinking ass. Totally my fault though.
Quick process time, great fit. Thanks Chuck and company!
Denim ecstasy
Kutte arrived today and couldn't be happier. T-shirt size is medium and ordered a large, it fits snug over a normal shirt. Everything was perfect no problems with stitching. Walking erection all day. My wait time? Only 2 months! Keep it up!
Agree! Larger womens sizes, please!
You are awesome, what you're doing is awesome and the jackets are soo good looking! But please add size XXL to the womens sizes! To all girls ordering: the womens jackets are incredibly small.
Even larger sizes available?
Is it possible to get anything larger than a XXXL? My jacket is old, was 3XL, like 2008ish and I've gotten considerably chubbier. I am interested in the same question for women's size as well as my gal recently joined and is both tall and large as well.
Boner = Activated!
I put this on and it was amazing! My ass kept getting grabbed, I kept meeting amazing people, and I kept getting drinks put in my hand! People kept calling me sailor and telling me to come visit them...and here I thought I was just getting a jacket! Oh...a review. Ok.... Guy and Gals: IT FITS VERY TRUE TO SIZE. I wear a Large, and ordered an XL - I should have gotten a Large. Granted, this is because I have no intentions of cutting sleeves, or wearing a hoodie underneath. If you want to wear it over a shirt (or shirtless), go with your t-shirt size. Otherwise, I love it. Spinning buttons, hidden pockets, clean stitching, and this ability to give me a raging ERECTION every time I wear it. My wait time? 6 months. A bit long, but it was worth it.
Worth the wait
I received my first kutte in July of last year. I ordered a medium and it was a little small so I had to take the sleeves off. In December I ordered a large, as well as one for my wife. 5 months later I finally received both and they are perfect! The fit is awesome, as well as the new embroidery. I'm definitely stoked! Thanks!
Mister Battlehammer
In stock
All sizes are available. When we run low, or out, of a size, that means we are placing another run with our manufacturer. Please email us should we not notice this. Thank you.
Chuck Destruction
Is there any medium in stock yet?
Chubby Dudes REJOICE!
after having a horrible fitting XXL Bitzcore kutte, i finally got one of the new shopturbojugend ones and HOLY SHIT!! IT FITS! the new 3xl fits like a real 3xl. my old xxl jugendmode kutte fits my vp who wears a large. i love that the new kuttes have adjusted the embroidery to fit the size of the jacket. the massive inside side pockets are a cool addition too.
Will Swain
Wolf Town
I saw your question, I am 6'3'' and 220, so bigger. I wear, generally, a large T-shirt, and most jackets are XL. I ordered a XL Kutte and wish I would have went for a XXL. Very slim, nice, but very slim. SKAL
Captain Happy Lars Annapolis
Could not have been more fucking erect
My Kutte came in the mail today and I could not have been happier. It fits and im a big guy. There were no issues as far as stray thread or odd stitching. Its a really nice jacket.Like I erection!
El Presidente Piper
Wolf Town
Not a revie. i'm a 6ft 2 male 20 yoa. what size would anyone recommend? i think i'm looking at xl thats one size up from my usual shirt size which is L. nelp need guidance love from Kiel EM ALL (TJ WOLF TOWN) Meatpacker
Kiel Em All
What kind of club is this?
I bought one of these jackets at a thift store. It has the name Haute Karl on it? Honestly I thought it was from a German youth group. So I was out at a bar the other day and there were a bunch of people wearing them. I introduced myself and immediately this man grabbed my ass and then this really drunk girl tackled me and sat on my face while another man pulled out his testicles and started smacking me on the forehead with them. I don't know what kind of perverted sickos you are and frankly I don't want to know. Your lucky I didn't call the police!! I think it would be fair if you sent me the 25.00 I paid for this jacket and I will send it back. I just can't afford to be associated with a group of degenerates!!
Concerned Citizen
Levi's changes their sizing regularly, so it is impossible to fully compare what you have to the size chart, without measuring. Please feel free to contact us at should you have any other questions.
Chuck Destruction
TJ St Helens
Every single one of the cap buttons is upside down on the jacket, and there doesn't seem to be any way of rotating them without damaging them. This must have been noticed prior to shipping, which is pretty annoying considering it cost 135! Otherwise it looks great, there's absolutely no issues with the embroidery. I cannot stress enough, order big! I take a size small shirt, so I ordered a medium. I wish I'd gone for a large now.
Roter Zwerg
Great Kutte!!
The pockets were full of weird pills so I took them all and got a huge erection. Then I went to the gay bar and got like 10 blowjobs. It's a great jacket but I found it very difficult to cum 10 times in a row. Do you have any suggestions?
Stinky Pinky
TJ Rockers F.T.W.
My replacement TJ Rockers F.T.W. kutte arrived in the mail yesterday. The jacket is decent but the reoccurring issue seems to be the embroidery. The actual style of the embroidery is great (much bolder TURBOJUGEND header and a nicely sized cap) but the quality of the stitching is questionable; I only just took the kutte out of its package and already there are threads coming loose, which will undoubtedly unfurl over limited use. Furthermore, I really enjoy the slimmer fit, especially in the sleeves and shoulder area, but the waist area is a bit strange. Once you put the jacket on, it tends to "wing" or "fan" out at the waist, making the boys looks like we have large hips. The solution to this problem is to button the whole thing up, but I personally don't want to wear it like that all the time. It would be nice to see straighter cuts at the waist in the future to avoid making the kutten appear as if they contain excess material. I hope you can take this and other constructive criticism into consideration and use it to create an untouchable final product.
I got erection !
Our two kuttes (A male and female, both "L" size) have been delivered yesterday, and boy, they fit perfectly on us : we look so handsome ! Thx Chuck for shaking you shit machine for us, we're now ready for Hellfest !
Coronel Sbel
Larger sizes
Please message us concerning the larger sizes, and if they do not fit you appropriately. We take pride in our work, and should something not be to your satisfaction, it is much more useful for us to be able to work with you. We are reworking the larger sizes, for the tenth time. Please be patient with the Mail Order team as we resolve any issues, so that we can make you a better, more suitable product.
Chuck Destruction
Doesnt come close to fitting!
I'm 6 ft 1, 240 pounds. A 5x Kutte doesnt fit at all! It's a bit short and wont button at all (and my chapter president is bigger than me) Is a "Slim Fit" REALLY Nescesary?????
Mark, Thank you for your constructive criticism. Should anyone have any concerns over quality, please email the shop. I appreciate discussing manufacturing differences with anyone whom has any concerns. Thanks, in advance.
Chuck Destruction
First Lady's Kutte
My First Lady's kutte came in today and I'll be honest to give it mixed reviews. Pluses include short wait time and a great fit. It also doesn't hurt that she has a smoking bod, so it looks amazing no matter what. My main and only real criticism regards the embroidery. The cap has a LOT of loose threads and the chapter name is larger than the TURBOJUGEND, which just looks strange aesthetically. The chapter name should never be larger than that of our denim "gang". I still find a lot of inconsistencies from jacket to jacket, like my jacket being obviously larger but having a much thinner warrior name. Overall, a passing grade should be awarded though.
TJ Toronto Darkness
My inaugural kutte for my new city chapter arrived today and I'm pretty stoked on it! It's a nicer, tighter fit than the previous versions but the biggest improvement is the embroidery - looks way more solid and the TURBOJUGEND is much bigger and bolder, like the original kutten from generations ago. The only thing I'd suggest is a straighter waist but that might be my own lonely opinion. Good job, Chuck and gang!
without long waiting
super nice Kutte, thanks to Chuck greetings from germany
hi all!!! i am about to order my kutte but a bit lost with the sizes.i am 1m90, would the M fit better than the L?thanks!
Got my jacket today
Got my jacket today, and its perfect. 10 days after I ordered it showed up! so thanks alot!
High Priest Trisen
Thanks! And addressing concerns.
We've changed embroidery shops, so you can expect much better embroidery on every kutte currently going out! Also, the length is changed up a bit, and should be a bit longer on all upcoming orders!
Chuck Destruction
Take your regular shirt size
This is a great jacket of course. The fit is good though you should be aware that these are made short at the waist and large in the sleeves. I'm 6'1'' 175lbs and I wear a Medium. I can button down from top to bottom. It's a little bit tight but it's more sexy! I can wear a hoodie underneath. Be careful with the embroidery because it's easily torn off.
I love my jacket, looks great fits great. For any Turbo ladies out there I'm 5'5, 120lb, 36, 26, 38. The ladies medium was a nice fit, 9i can put a hoodie underneath for cold weather). I'm also sure a small would have fit, but it would have been tight!
Dr.jan master jam
Great jacket! Solid service!
Just got mine and it is great.Despite a small hiccup,couldn't be happier. Fit is nice and looks sharp. Advice to chubby or muscle dudes: Get one size bigger than your T-shirt size. Or hit the Turbogym! Thanks to Chuck and crew for their hard work. Cheers
Murderhouse, Turbojugend River City
...piece of work! Just wanna bring this to attention. Some of the stitching loosened up pretty easy in the edges of the letters in warrior and chapter stitches. I fixed mine with just applying a drop of super-glue on the failing stitches. Overall, I am perfectly satisfied!
sizing questions
Please email all sizing questions to: TURBOJUGENDWORLDWIDE@GMAIL,COM Thanks, Chuck Destruction
Webstore Admin
I was wandering how the sizes fit say im 180 and 5'8 what suze would you suggest
Denim demon
Hello, is MM okay if you are 186 high, and not fat?
Awesome fit - these jackets are ready for RAWK!
As the president of this new Canadian chapter - I can tell you that Chuck did a wonderful job at getting these out!! Well done!! Get one!! Cheers Rock N Roll Bastard, TJ HULL,Qc
TJ HULL, Qc - Rock N Roll Bastard
f ck
I want to buy the t-shirt VAYA CON SATAN, do more please!!
I'ma get buried in this mothafucka!
The day I got my kutte was great. It was a little warm for heavy dark denim and by the end of the night I was sweating like a pig, drinking beers with my TJ Baltimore pals and couldn't wipe the smile off my face. The fit is phenomenal, and apparently the only complaint that I had about it (The sleeves were too long and wide) has been addressed and now they are even cooler! Cheers to all the people behind putting these masterpieces together. You will not regret this purchase.
Davey Gravy
Ultimate Darkness
Well worth the wait! Great new style Kutte. Sexy as hell
TJ Roosendaal
dark sexy denim
it gave me erection all the way from mexico to norway !
Mr Deathpunk
DP mode!
Outstanding quality and very good communication! Sexy as hell!
rouen RD
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